Reference Points

A.D.R.K 1907

The "Allegemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub" (ADRK) e.V." is a nation-wide association based in Minden/Westfalen. It is currently the only association in Germany taking care of the breed of Rottweiler and the only association which is recognized by the VDH e.V. (Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen)

It was created from the merger of the D.R.K with the I.R.K. Their unification motto has been "Die Rottweilerzucht ist und bleibt Gebrauchshundezuch" that mean "The Rottweiler breed is and remains a working dog breed!



It's important to read it and think about the order of the paragraphs. First and second paragraph talk about morphology and general proportions, third paragraph talk about behavior and personality, is a dog that loves children, it's very affectionate and devote, obedient, easy to train and loves work. Only at the end they talk about the shape of the head ... 



Origins form the mating of relatives, and is the probability that an individual has got in his genetic inheritance two copies of same allele, which come, through his parentes, from one or more common ancestor. We typically think of inbreeding in a negative way. We associate it with genetically defective individuals and inbreeding depression that is a decrease in the perfomance of inbreds, most noticeably in traits like fertility and survivability. But inbreeding can be very helpulf as well, we can use it to create the breeds within species or lines within breeds that, when crossed, produce hybrid vigor. (R.M.Bourdon, 2000)

Since the breed is already formed we believe that carrying out this practice is not an healty way to breed so we always recommend "open" mating with eventually far common ancestors.